About CRIN

Who is CRIN?

The Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN) is a group of forward-thinking oil and gas industry professionals, innovators, financiers, policy makers, incubators & accelerators, academics and students committed to the success of the hydrocarbon energy sector, the people and communities that it touches, and a strong, carbon-competitive and diversified Canadian economy.

We are comprised of individuals, and companies of all sizes. We represent a network of highly successful industrial and regional resources, capital, and talent; our participants and impacts are global in nature. CRIN builds on a longstanding Canadian innovation success story and positions the energy industry for further success in the 21st century through a determined focus on accelerated commercialization of technology and innovation.

“CRIN is a network, we are the glue, the connector of all the incredible innovation bodies across Canada” – Joy Romero, Chair, CRIN

Joy Romero, Vice-President, Technology and Innovation, Canadian Natural, is the Chair of the Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN). Learn more about Joy’s vision for Canada’s clean resource innovation community, and the contribution energy producers can, and should make in the innovation ecosystem.

Our Vision

Canada is the Global Leader in Producing Clean Hydrocarbon Energy from Source to End Use.

Our Beliefs

  • Individuals and organizations across the oil and gas sector have a key role to play in addressing the challenges posed by climate change.
  • The application of technology and innovation is essential to make the hydrocarbon energy sector more effective, efficient and carbon competitive.
  • Collaboration results in better opportunity identification, faster problem-solving, increased leveraging of financial and intellectual resources and improved technology and innovation solutions.
  • When technology and innovation development resources are focused on problems and opportunities, they will have a greater impact on industry performance and SME development, growth and prosperity.
  • The societal benefits of new and better technology and innovation will be far greater when the sector works together for effective, rapid and responsible deployment.
  • When industry priorities and goals are well communicated, this allows the network to leverage resources (skills, expertise and funding) to advance and accelerate results.
  • Society will benefit from an innovation ecosystem that is financially sound, technically leading edge, diverse, and socially and environmentally responsible.


There are many groups, companies (small, medium and large), universities, research institutions, governments and individuals who are committed to making a difference in this space. CRIN’s members believe we can be more efficient and advance our goals much faster if we are working more closely together. For a full list of CRIN’s current member companies, please visit our Current Member Listing.

Building on a history of collaboration & innovation

Alberta Oil Sands Technology and Research Authority (AOSTRA) pioneered many of the technologies used within in-situ SAGD projects through a collaborative partnership between the Alberta government, federal government, academia and industry. Since 1995, significant industry investments in innovation focused on enhancing operational efficiencies, horizontal drilling, tailings management and multi-stage fracking (shale gas) to name a few.

A strong value proposition

CRIN will accelerate the development of ground-breaking solutions by establishing industry priorities and connecting innovators within the ecosystem (researchers, investors, SMEs, governments, NGOs, other innovators) and resources (funding, talent, labs, and facilities) to focus on world leading environmental performance and cost competitiveness. This will ensure Canada’s continued prosperity with new high-skilled, high-value jobs and produce economic diversity through spin offs and enhanced technology exports.

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