Nov 17, 2021 08:00 - 10:00 MST

Enabling High Performace Multi-Lateral Wells: Current Technologies and Gaps

CRIN and the University of Calgary

CRIN and the University of Calgary invite you to participate in this virtual industry engagement workshop where we will share a case study and then discuss the current and future technologies for multilateral wells. Economic, environmental, and emission-based criteria for successful deployment of multi-laterals will also be evaluated and metrics proposed.

Attendees will be sorted into one of the following five breakout rooms that will be hosted by a faculty member, member of industry or senior researcher. Note that you will have the option to switch rooms throughout the course of the event.

-Drilling (including drilling equipment)
-Completions (including completions equipment)
-Production and Flow control (including production equipment)
-Reservoir & Reservoir Management
-Regulations and Reporting

Following the breakout rooms, attendees will come together to report their findings and participate in a group discussion.

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