Jun 22, 2021 12:30 - 14:00 MST

Collaboration for Innovation – Why Aren’t Things Happening the Way we Thought they Should?

CRIN Novel Hydrocarbon Extraction Technology Theme Area

How to use collaboration to generate new pathways to innovation

To succeed in today’s challenging, hyper-competitive, global business environment, Canadian oil and gas industry organizations are engaged in an ongoing struggle to find new and better ways to respond to threats and capture opportunities to create and preserve value. This includes developing opportunities for sustainable solutions to energy management problems.

CRIN member organizations can lead the effort. An innovative response is for industry members to acknowledge their inter-connectedness and set aside traditional competitive “us v. them” methods and (quickly) make the strategic choice to:

  1. Build and rely on relationships of trust; and
  2. Work together collaboratively; while
  3. Avoiding adversarial behaviours; and then
  4. Pool resources and respond – not individually – but collectively to threats and opportunities.

It is well understood that collaboration is a key ingredient to making innovation happen.  As such, it makes just as much sense to invest in collaboration and innovation capabilities, as it does to invest in specific technologies – because capabilities generate lasting ROI.

What’s in it for you?

At the end of the session, attendees will better understand how to use collaboration to generate new paths to innovation by reducing the uncertainty and fear around the sharing of commercially valuable information.

Webinar format

This webinar will include a presentation, panel discussion and Q&A with attendees. 

An overview of successful forms of collaboration and how they have been used by industry to power innovation and in doing so, generate and protect value;

  • A comparison of traditional and collaborative approaches
  • Review of success stories about collaboration and the benefits
  • How to shift from traditional approaches to true collaboration
  • How to overcome barriers and drive positive change within your organization


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