Jul 13, 2021 07:30 - 09:00 MST

Alberta Labour Demand Research Workshop for Cleantech with Oil & Gas

CRIN / Government of Alberta

This workshop is part of a research project sponsored by the Government of Alberta and CRIN to help develop a workforce strategy that incorporates the ever-growing demand for cleantech innovation talent alongside traditional talent in the province’s oil and gas industry. We require a workforce of skilled, innovative and diverse talent to drive the energy transition to a more sustainable and competitive industry.

This workshop is for operations and technical leaders in the oil and gas and cleantech industries ('hiring managers' such as supervisors, team leaders, field or office managers, owners/operators, etc.) who can speak to skill and occupational requirements. You or your organization may represent sectors or stakeholders such as entrepreneurs, small business, oil and gas producers, service and supply companies, research. technology developers, accelerators, etc.

This interactive workshop is an opportunity for diverse stakeholders of labour demand sectors to share knowledge and participate in facilitated discussion and polls about the current state of the industry and its workforce needs moving forward. This includes discussing in-demand occupations, hiring challenges, and availability and readiness of talent.

Participating in these workshops is an opportunity for employers to:
- Leverage their strategic planning
- Share unique insights
- Influence career and training decisions.
 - Inform strategies that support the industry’s need to attract and retain diverse talent with expertise from technical to entrepreneurial

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