Novel Hydrocarbon Extraction


CRIN's Novel Hydrocarbon Extraction (NHE) technology theme area is interested in enabling novel solutions for accessing and producing hydrocarbons with less environmental footprint including well architectures/completions and artificial lift in all reservoirs.

Join us! Together we will create new collaborations and pathways for driving innovation in this area. 

NHE Focus Areas / Industry Pull

  • Oilsands In Situ: Low emission extraction through transformative technologies such as solvent dominated processes, electromagnetic heating or subsurface heat generation
  • Heavy Oil: Technologies that improve extraction in worm-holed reservoirs including thermal, solvent, chemical or CO2 enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects for cold heavy oil production with sand (CHOPS) that emphasize gas capture vs. methane venting
  • Light/Tight: Gas, CO2, Huff and Puff  or other floods that help move beyond primary production to EOR methods that minimize declines, re-fracturing or down-spacing
  • Oilsands Mining/Extraction: Material handling, aqueous and non-aqueous extraction though solvent or other novel processes for mined oilsands to reduce tailings, GHG emissions and water consumption and allowing for timely reclamation after mine closure
  • Technologies or Downhole Treatments that can be applied to restart/reinvigorate shut-in wells and/or minimize new disturbance by leveraging existing footprints

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Tech Leaders

Stephen Arseniuk,