Methane Monitoring, Quantification and Abatement


Join companies developing and implementing innovative and ground-breaking methane emissions detection, quantification, monitoring, reporting and mitigation technologies to address methane challenges from upstream, midstream, downstream, and transportation of oil and gas in order to help the Energy industry meet its 45% methane emissions reduction target. Members include technology developers and large and small methane emitters from across Canada. Add your voice to the discussion on fugitive methane emission sources and detection, reducing methane emissions, and improving operational efficiency.

Join us! Together we will create new collaborations and pathways for driving innovation in this area.

Scope / Industry Pull:

  • Clean production from coal bed methane, shale gas, tight gas, gas hydrates and others
  • Unconventional gas
  • Clean conventional heavy oil , cold heavy oil production with sands
  • Clean conventional oil & gas recovery    
  • Enhanced clean heavy oil recovery         
  • Enhanced clean oil & gas recovery          
  • Digital, automation and including artificial intelligence 
  • Capital cost optimization   
  • Cost reduction using surface facilities    
  • Eco-efficiency and energy efficiency technologies       
  • Technologies to reduce waste energy    
  • Hydrogen generation         
  • Hydrocarbon upgrading     
  • Pipeline transportation (leak detection, spill management, nanotechnology for flow drag reduction, use of CO2 as diluent)
  • Transportation         
  • Methane detection, reporting and reduction technologies      
  • Air quality     
  • Ecological    
  • Emission reduction/ eco-efficiency          
  • Energy efficiency    
  • Resource access    
  • Soil and groundwater

Join CRIN’s Methane Monitoring, Quantification and Abatement LinkedIn Group (open to CRIN members – join here), discuss ideas, ask questions of diverse peers, share knowledge and develop collaborative relationships.

Tech Leaders

Sean Hiebert,