Digital Oil and Gas Technology


Join companies in the oil and gas industry introducing significant cost savings and efficiencies into their operations through the adoption of customized digital tools and flexible solutions. Connect with companies on the leading edge of digital technology development in cross-sector collaboration to discuss how to translate digital efficiency into better performance and new business growth.

Focus Areas / Industry Pull

  • Environmental Monitoring: Monitoring of environmental impacts on land, air, and/or water at any stage of project development – evaluation, assessment, construction and operations, and closures.
  • Operational Excellence and Efficiency: Excellence and efficiency in operations is applied through the entire organization to improve accuracy, quality and productivity and reduce costs in the delivery of services and products.
  • Capital Project Execution: At all project stages – greenfield, construction, turnaround, and brownfield; Digital solutions can be applied to enhance effectiveness and efficiencies in planning, contracting and procurement, project execution, construction, drilling, commissioning, maintenance, and project governance.
  • Health and Safety: The broad scope of health and safety in the oil and gas industry includes identifying, preventing, controlling, and eliminating exposure to risks, hazards and dangerous conditions, by ensuring all employees have the training and competency to work safely, whether onshore or offshore.

Tech Leaders

Heather Herring,

Nannette Ho-Covernton,