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Apr 27, 2021

The role of oil and gas producers in CRIN programs

‘Industry pull’ is central to $80M CRIN technology competitions

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Innovation is key to reducing environmental impacts, including greenhouse gas emissions, and to increasing the competitiveness of Canada’s oil and gas industry.

Producers are closest to the challenges and have articulated the priority focus areas where innovators, researchers, academics, entrepreneurs and other cleantech developers can have the highest impact. Collaboration between producers and developers is vital for field testing as proven concepts with producer participation help accelerate development and create a clear path to commercialization and wide-spread adoption.

This producer pull is prominent in all of CRIN’s technology enablement programs, including the 2021 $80 million technology competitions. The competitions are open to technology developers, industry operators, industry associations, academic institutions, multi-national enterprises (MNE), municipalities, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), and others.

To demonstrate industry pull, applicant project teams must include at least one small or medium-size enterprise (SME) (<500 employees) and at least one oil and gas producer. (The producer can also be the SME.)

The CRIN competitions define an oil and gas producer as a company of any size incorporated pursuant to laws of Canada or a Canadian Province or Territory with the capability to conduct any or all of the following:

  • Upstream exploration for hydrocarbon resources
  • Upstream development (production) and sale of hydrocarbons 
  • Midstream trading and transportation of hydrocarbons and/or hydrocarbon-based products
  • Downstream purchase of hydrocarbons for manufacturing (refining) and sale of hydrocarbon-based products

In this definition, upstream, midstream and downstream are terms exclusively related to petroleum-derived products. Therefore, producers of biodiesel or synthetic fuels will not qualify as oil and gas producers unless they also operate with petroleum products in their facilities.

There are many advantages for oil and gas producers to partner with technology developers through the CRIN network and within the competition structure.

  1. Collaboration brings diverse perspectives to challenges, resulting in new, adaptive and/or accelerated solutions.
  2. Potential to help producers move forward existing projects that are stalled or unfunded due to economic pressures.
  3. Ability to leverage funding.
  4. Prospect of improving investor awareness of sustainability efforts and ESG progress.
  5. Improved cost competitiveness from breakthrough technologies.
  6. Supporting the industry transformation to a diverse sustained energy future.

So, partner-up! Producers can indicate their interest in being considered as potential matches with technology projects during the CRIN competitions by emailing info@cleanresourceinnovation.com.

Project teams that do not yet have a producer partner for CRIN’s technology competitions can indicate their interest in being considered for a potential match by contacting the competition coordinator:

Outside of the competitions, CRIN members can access the membership list at any time to make direct contact with individuals for potential collaborations, partnerships, knowledge-sharing or other connections and resources.


Joy Romero, CRIN President and Vice President, Technology & Innovation at Canadian Natural, who shares a personal invitation for oil and gas producers to join the CRIN network and participate in the technology competitions.

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