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Mar 18, 2022

The Net Zero Project: CRIN Member Profile

The Net Zero Project aims to develop and steward a collaborative framework – including industry, regulators, and government – that defines targets, R&D priorities, develops strategy, and achieves alignment with respect to the pursuit of emissions reductions within the offshore oil and gas industry and the growth of the energy sector at large.

The project will include the development of a series of net zero pathways for pursuing these environmental milestones. The final deliverable in this regard will help define how Newfoundland and Labrador’s energy industry can achieve a reduction (or offsetting) of greenhouse gases (GHGs) to achieve Net Zero by 2050. This work will explore the possible technologies and initiatives that can assist in the pursuit of net zero and identify the most feasible from a technical and financial perspective. This analysis will include the expected environmental benefits of each activity undertaken in each pathway.

A core function of The Net Zero Project is the stimulation, attraction of investment for, and implementation of clean growth projects in collaboration with private, public, and institutional partners. Each of these projects will have their own GHG reduction potential and profile. On a project-wide basis, The Net Zero Project will provide technical, financial, and policy guidance for decision makers respective to emissions reductions initiatives in the energy industries.

The project is supported by Newfoundland Offshore Industries Association (Noia), Econext (previously Newfoundland Environmental Industries Association – NEIA) and OilCo and is funded through the Oil and Gas Industry Recovery Fund (OGIRA). We have five team members: Kris Drodge (Project Manager), David Pinsent (Policy/Regulations Lead), Michelle Lethbridge (Innovation Lead), Peter Bennett (Technical Lead) and Stephen Goulding (Economics Lead).

How do you work with or engage with the CRIN network to enable technology development and/or grow the cleantech ecosystem in the oil and gas industry?

As new members to CRIN, we are looking forward to engaging with the CRIN network. As part of our mission, we are looking for collaboration with like-minded individuals and organizations that can help the project define technically and economically feasible pathways to net zero for the offshore oil and gas industry in Newfoundland and Labrador. We look forward to connecting with experts and SMEs in the cleantech sector across Canada.

“As an envisioned hub of information and collaboration
within the Newfoundland and Labrador offshore energy ecosystem,
we value effective partnerships with like-minded organizations,
associations and other stakeholders
that can help drive and maintain the momentum
towards net zero emissions.
This is key to ensuring a sustainable, stable and reliable
energy industry in our province and indeed for the rest of Canada.”
Kris Drodge, Project Manager, The Net Zero Project

Connect with The Net Zero Project

The type of connections we are looking for are companies or technologies with application in the offshore industry as well as funding or partnership opportunities that benefit both parties.

How does The Net Zero Project apply CRIN’s Social Contract values and principles within your community?

Collaboration and helping others is a big part of what we do at the Net Zero Project. We view ourselves as a resource to industry, regulators and government on our province’s pursuit to net zero. We recognize that we have a tremendous amount to learn in the net zero space both as a new project and as individuals and are eager and happy to learn. Our entire project is completely holistic – we are looking for basin-wide solutions, in addition to stakeholder needs, that benefit the province of Newfoundland and Labrador as well as Canada.

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