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Aug 26, 2021

Sector: Youth



Student Energy is working to cultivate the next generation of energy leaders. Young people can be innovative, collaborative, and help drive practical solutions to complex energy challenges. Yet, they face significant barriers preventing them from accessing emerging energy sector opportunities due to a prevalent skills gap between what they learn in school and the skills they need to secure meaningful employment. Additionally, many young people are not aware of the opportunities that exist within cleantech and energy to further meaningful careers.

As the energy sector faces looming talent shortages and seeks skilled innovators to advance solutions, Student Energy is working to reach more young people and bring them into the CRIN network to build a diverse and skilled workforce who are prepared to fill the growing opportunities within Canada's energy system.

Highlights of your ecosystem and CRIN membership growth work April 2020 – March 2021

The past year has been especially challenging for young people who faced challenges of remote learning, being isolated, and trying to start careers during the pandemic. Student Energy was able to offer solutions and provide both community building and skill development for this demographic. We had increased interest in our programs from young people across Canada and around the world, and we did extensive outreach efforts to ensure more groups of young people were able to access our offerings through Student Energy Chapters.

With the increased demand, Student Energy has also worked to increase our own ambitions including:

By participating in the Steering Committee and engaging with CRIN’s network, Student Energy has begun leveraging our Canadian networks to engage with CRIN and expand the organization's youth engagement. We are working to offer tangible pathways for youth to engage with CRIN and understand the opportunity for cleantech in Canada as part of their future.

What's coming in 2021-2022

For the second half of 2021, Student Energy will be focused on re-engaging young people as universities and colleges go back to in-person learning. We will be continuing to grow our chapter network, ensuring young people have the tools they need to engage in energy issues. Additionally, we’ll be reaching out to other engaged groups of young people across the country to work to raise awareness of CRIN.

In the fall we will also be engaging in the UN’s High-Level Dialogue on Energy, and COP26 to continue to provide Canadian youth leadership on energy in the international energy and climate conversation.

In January 2022, we will be launching the Energy Transition Careers Training, a four-month intensive for young people to gain core data, policy and analytical skills. We will also be launching the next cohort of our Leaders Fellowship, working to help young people accomplish their first energy projects. Finally, the Sevengen Council, a group of Indigenous young people from every province and territory that is supported by Student Energy, will be hosting their summit in March 2022 and launching ImaGENation to support Indigenous youth-led energy projects across Canada.

Sector Leaders

Meredith Adler, meredith@studentenergy.org

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