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Aug 26, 2021

Sector: Social Innovation

Social Innovation


Within the context of oil and gas innovation, social innovation can be described as an approach focused on enabling “beyond technology” factors. In other words, if a technology works, what else is required to enable its adoption?  This approach to innovation plays an important role in helping to create a system that supports and amplifies innovation in all its shapes and forms. To further technology development and deployment in the oil and gas industry, we require more than just technology, which is what makes social innovation so important.

Highlights of your ecosystem and CRIN membership growth work April 2020 – March 2021

Beyond participating as a member of the CRIN Steering Committee, the EFL (Energy Futures Lab) Fellows are active within the CRIN technology theme areas and attend CRIN events relevant to their work. Given the main focus of the EFL and its network is to build the social infrastructure required to support the adoption of new technology, our work aligns with CRIN’s efforts to support both technology development and the growth of Canada’s oil and gas cleantech innovation ecosystem.

What’s coming in 2021-2022

EFL is working on a future-fit hydrocarbons model and use of public policy to attract greater investment in innovation and infrastructure. Throughout the course of 2021-2022, the EFL will be increasing its advocacy efforts to support the findings of its Energy Futures Policy Collaborative initiative.

Sector Leader

Erin Romanchuk, eromanchuk@naturalstep.ca

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