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Aug 26, 2021

Sector: Research Institutions

Research Technology Organization


Highlights of your ecosystem and CRIN membership growth work April 2020 – March 2021

On Dec 7-8 2020, Canmet labs jointly organized two engagement sessions with the CRIN Executive Committee in an effort to expand NRCan awareness and membership within CRIN. The meeting allowed NRCan labs to provide an overview of R&D activities in an effort to enhance awareness among CRIN members and theme leads. On display were the capabilities and infrastructure within the Canmet labs that can be leveraged to drive execution of CRIN projects. NRCan has had strong engagement with CRIN since early inception, but this event was the first time that all Canmet labs collectively engaged with CRIN leaders. Topics covered in the lab presentations included Canmet lab Senior Management teams, lab mandates and research focus areas, specific research areas, R&D partners (industry, government, SME, academia etc.), TRL range/levels of Lab R&D, and insights into future S&T planning.

The Canadian Emissions Reduction Innovation Network (CERIN) Program, a joint initiative between NRCan with Alberta Innovates (AI), was formally launched to support the development of emission reduction technologies in oil and gas across Canada. The Program has total government funding of $15 million ($9.15M NRCan, $6M AI) and will be implemented over 2 years ending March 2022. Leveraging industry and other project partners, the total program investment is around $37.5 million. CERIN is supporting two consortia, including: 1) the NGIF Emissions Testing Center (ETC) Network and 2) PTAC’s Canadian Emissions Reductions Innovation Consortium (CanERIC). CERIN’s funding advanced the creation of a testing platform, including the set up of a live, fully-instrumented natural gas processing facility in AB to test and verify pre-commercial mitigation technologies.

What’s coming in 2021-2022

Announced as part of the 2021 Federal Budget, NRCan is currently developing a $319 million-program to be implemented over seven years starting in 2021-22 to support research, development, and demonstrations that will improve the commercial viability of carbon capture, utilization, and storage technologies. The launch of the program’s first request for proposals was announced on August 9th, 2021.

Sector Leader

Drew Leyburne, drew.leyburne@nrcan-rncan.gc.ca

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