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Aug 26, 2021

Sector: Post-Secondary



This sector includes all research intensive post secondary institutions across Canada that are engaged in all aspects of energy systems research. It includes:

  • Technology and engineering
  • Environmental impacts and land reclamation
  • Social sciences and humanities

The sector composition includes researchers, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, undergraduate students, and institutional administrators.

Why Sector Important To Oil And Gas Innovation Ecosystem

This sector is the loci of both fundamental and applied research of a nature (time frame, duration, tenor) not normally undertaken by industry. It provides highly qualified personnel for industry and it can serve as a resource to address specific problems or issues affecting specific industry projects.

Highlights Of Ecosystem And CRIN Membership Growth Work April 2020 To March 2021

We were continuing to collate a group of post-secondary representatives to further develop our engagement plan and formulate the activities that can be undertaken.

Coming In 2021-2022

We will finalize our sector engagement plan, present it to CRIN and then work to implement it.

Sector Leaders

M. Anne Naeth, anaeth@ualberta.ca

Robert Skinner, rgskinne@ucalgary.ca

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