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Aug 26, 2021

Sector: Economic Development

Economic Development - Municipal


Calgary Economic Development is a not-for-profit economic development agency, at arm’s-length from the City of Calgary, that collaborates to advance opportunities in achieving economic success, embracing shared prosperity and building a strong community for Calgary.

Calgary Economic Development understands the pressure our homegrown energy companies are facing from investors, governments, and other key stakeholders as the expectations around decarbonization, and climate change in particular, increase. As critical companies in municipal, provincial and federal economies, and as significant potential contributors to achieving climate change targets, we want to see energy companies remain successful and competitive in the future.

Innovation is a key element in Calgary’s ambition to be the city of choice for the world’s best entrepreneurs solving the world’s greatest challenges by embracing advanced technology. A robust innovation ecosystem focused at the intersection of oil and gas, clean technologies, and digitization will lead to economic growth and the decarbonization of industry to meet climate change commitments.

Calgary Economic Development is a connector, conduit, support, and storyteller to our local ecosystem to help raise awareness and expand networks like CRIN. CRIN success stories are amplified by Calgary Economic Development to help our local ecosystem and the world understand the challenges we are tackling and the solutions we are creating. Calgary Economic Development will continue to champion the work conducted by CRIN and to passionately support the local innovation ecosystem.

Sector Leader

Chris Brown, cbrown@calgaryeconomicdevelopment.com

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