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Sep 02, 2021

Membership Engagement and Outreach

The key purpose of the Membership Engagement and Outreach Subcommittee (MEOSC) is to promote technology and innovation to grow the network and garner broad support for CRIN among stakeholders. The Subcommittee provides ongoing strategic advice and support to the CRIN members engaging with external audiences, particularly governments and key external stakeholders, including those from other sectors.

MEOSC works closely with the Technology Enablement Subcommittee (TEC) to execute on CRIN-hosted events, podcasts, webcasts and other activities such as conducting surveys of the membership. MEOSC and TEC also share responsibility for the development, delivery and oversight of CRIN’s ecosystem activities.

Sub-Committee Membership

Alberto Alva-Argaez, Process Ecology

Michelle Leslie, Invest Alberta

Brad Parry, Calgary Economic Development

Rob Gray, COSIA

Kristin Papillon, Calgary Economic Development

Steve Power, Canadian Natural Resources Limited

Lauren Arthur, PTAC

Tanis Shortt, Suncor Energy 

Leighton Klassen, CAPP

Victoria Cardenas, Suncor Energy 

CRIN Staff

Danielle Tardif

Lyndy Groom

Janice Harvie

Maryam MKhani

Lisa Schubert

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