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Oct 19, 2021

Member Profile: ORIGIN

Who we are

ORIGIN looks forward to working with you as your experienced Indigenous Relations Specialists. ORIGIN will support the development of your Indigenous awareness programs and engagement strategies, along with Indigenous workforce development. Our Indigenous owned and operated business, ORIGIN, seeks to connect people to career through our First People First process. We aim to increase Indigenous participation in the workforce through a variety of services and products including innovative technology, workshops, and training. We are a 360 VR production company innovating methods for career and cultural connections in a spirit of reconciliation.

How we help to enable tech development and/or grow the cleantech ecosystem in the oil and gas industry

We are a 360 VR production company that is used for career awareness, pre-employment assessment, orientation and training applications. We have a proprietary learning platform that integrates online courses (theoretical knowledge) with Virtual Reality (demonstrated knowledge) that can be used in a variety of capacities.

On CRIN membership

The value of connection to network is challenging to articulate. CRIN memberships provide tremendous benefits. The opportunity to connect with many people from diverse sectors through CRIN is a demonstration of shared values and goals, and both the importance and necessity of working together on Canada's greatest challenges.

CRIN's social contract values and principles at work

The goal of our organization is to provide opportunity and resources to Indigenous communities. We work as a team to continue to innovate and execute ways to make this happen. The revenues generated from our cultural library are given back to knowledge keepers that have participated in our experiences so that they can continue to take time to educate Canadians about Indigenous culture.

Connect with us

Our Indigenous team will develop customized technology solutions innovating your Indigenous inclusion strategy both internally and externally, and direct to communities. 

If you’re interested in working with us and learning more about the services we offer, contact Paul Giles, Director, at 807-628-9017 or via email paul@immersivelink.ca or visit our website immersivelink.ca for more information.

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