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May 10, 2021

Matchmaking! Projects seeking producer partners, funding and other support

CRIN programs encourage collaboration to help accelerate the development of technology.

  • Note: This collision/matchmaking platform is provided by CRIN as a service to itshttps://cleanresourceinnovation.com/preview/resource/files/3/Wave9%20Project%20Summary.pdf members and CRIN does not guarantee that a match or support of any kind will be created, nor that if support is offered that it will equal the time, type or amount sought by the applicant.
  • How to connect: Interested parties please contact the SME directly according to the information provided in the project summary or list below.
  • Successful match? If a partnership is created, kindly inform CRIN at info@cleanresourceinnovation.com so that it can be removed from this list and recorded for reporting about innovation ecosystem development.


CRIN $80 million technology competitions (2021) - SME projects seeking oil and gas producer partners

For CRIN's $80 million technology competitions launched between March and May of 2021, applicant teams must include at least one SME and one oil and gas producer partner. Projects must be at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6-9. Please see the competition eligibility requirements or the guide for each relevant competition

Digital Oil and Gas Technology Competition 

Project: Machine Learning guided process optimization

Organization: NORAM Engineering and Constructors


Contact: Stefan Meili smeili@noram-eng.com

Project: AI for AI

Organization: AI for AI (Artificial Intelligence for Asset Integrity)


Contact: Amol Vichare amol@aiforai.net

Project: Enviro Apps Digital Solutions

Organization: Enviro Apps


Contact: Amit Bhargava  abhargava@enviroapps.ca

Project: 3vGeomatics satellite based early warning system

Organization: 3vGeomatics


Contact: Kris Covey  kcovey@3vgeomatics.com

Project: Sawback Technologies Solutions

Organization: Sawback Technologies


Contact: Neil Keown  neil@sawbacktech.ca

Project: Tracecost Digital Solutions for Construction Projects

Organization: Tracecost


Contact: Prabh Paul Parmar  prabh@tracecost.com

Project: Skygauge Robotics Drone

Organization: Skygauge Robotics 


Contact: Nikita Iliushkin nikita@skygauge.com

Project: VizworX Virtual Operations Environment Framework

Organization: VizworX 


Contact: Jeff LaFrenz  jeff.lafrenz@vizworx.com

Project: Geospatial and Photogrammetry Analysis

Organization: Saraniasat


Contact: Mohan Anjanappa mohan@saraniasatcaneus.com

Project: Integrated Industrial IoT Platform

Organization: AOMS Technologies


Contact: Hamid Alemohammad  hamid@aoms-tech.com

Project: Birdview Project Management, Business Intelligence and Advanced Scheduling

Organization:  Birdview Insight Inc.


Contact: Lawrence Casse  lawrence@bvdash.com

Project: Develop knowledge resources

Organization:  Digifaire


Contact: Raju Basumatary  raj.b@digifaire.com

Project: Data Analytics Platform

Organization:  Closure Liability Management (CLM)


Contact: Eric Entz  eric.entz@closurelm.com

Project: Saas Technology to measure ESG risk exposure

Organization:  Minetell


Contact: Michael Hartley michael@minetell.ca

Project: Innovative Robotic Technology

Organization:  Avestec


Contact: Reza Tavakoli reza@avestec.com

Project: Continuous Monitoring Sensor Tool

Organization:  Eosense


Contact: Colleen Gosse colleen@eosense.com

Project: DRAJ Foundation Project Summary

Organization:  DRAJ Foundation


Contact: Isaac Abdillahi isaac.abdillahi@gmail.com

Project: Atmos2050 Emissions Platform

Organization:  Atmos2050


Contact: Muhammed Hassanali muhammed_hassanali@live.ca

Project: Reduce Greenhouse gases by carbon capture

Organization:  Sciences Innovation Development


Contact: Celestin Ndera celestinndera@yahoo.com

Project: Training and Monitoring Platform Saas Product

Organization:  Firestitch


Contact: Keith Seim  grants@firestitch.com 

Project: Artificial Intelligence for Environmental and Operational Monitoring

Organization:  Wave9


Contact: Ian Cunningham ian@wave9.co

Reducing Environmental Footprint Technology Competition 

Project: Beyond visual line of sight certifications

Organization: Robotic Aviation Services

Contact: Bob Holland bobgholland@gmail.com

Project: Hydrodeoxygenation catalyst for the renewable diesel industry

Organization: Nulife Group

Contact: Kieran Lewko kieranl@nulifegroup.com

Project: Generating hydrogen through electrochemistry

Organization: Acero Engineering

Contact: Richard Enns richard.enns@aceroeng.com

Project: Eliminate methane emissions from pneumatic devices

Organization: Kathairos

Contact: Jacqueline Peterson jpeterson@kathairos.com

Project: Reducing GHG Emissions

Organization: SKP Cleantech Corp


Contact: Kamlesh Patel kamleshpatel79@hotmail.com

Project: Advanced remote-sensing threat intelligence continuous monitoring SaaS platform that can early detect where and when oil and gas leak & spill incidents

Organization: Platoi

Contact: Gus Nuweiri gus@platoi.com

Project Title: Two Novel EOR Extraction Technologies with Nanotechnology and Downhole Steam Technology

Organization: Future Energy LLC

Contact: Kent Hytken kent@futureenergyllc.com

Low Emission Fuels and Products Technology Competition 

Project Title: Direct Air Capture of CO2 using Adsorbents

Organization: TerraFixing Inc.

Contact: Sean Wilson  SeanWilson@TerraFixing.com

Other projects seeking support (non-competition related)

Project: Reducing GHG Emissions

Organization: Rebel Rhea Building Logic


Contact: Ciaran Morris rheabuildinglogic@gmail.com

Project: Tech to produce green hydrogen from wood

Organization: Duma Engineering (2018) Inc.

Contact: Marco Sonnessa msonnessa@duma-eng.com

Project: Develop and commission a pilot plant

Organization: Stamped Engineering Corp

Contact: Kayla Bruce kayla@stampedengineering.com

Project: Proprietary procedure for repairing vent flow of GHG from wells

Organization: Seal Well Inc

Contact: Homer Spencer hlspencer@shaw.ca

Project: Demand Response Services

Organization: EMRC


Contact: Raj Retnanandan retnanandan@emrc.ca

Project: Green hydrogen production from ethanol

Organization: SBI BioEnergy / GoLu-H2

Contact: Jag Singh js@sbibioenergy.com

Project: Model and calculate sludge deposition in oil tanks

Organization: Vitas Consulting Services


Contact: Alex Pletnyov alex_pletnyov@vitasconsult.com

Project: Data and Analytics Platform

Organization: Enertel


Contact: David Murray  dmurray@enertel.ai

Project: SeeRem Technology

Organization: SeeRem a division of SEEDA


Contact: Max Chernetsov max.chernetsov@seeda.ca

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