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Dec 20, 2020

IP Barriers to Innovation in Oil & Gas

The CRIN Novel Hydrocarbon Extraction tech theme hosted this engaging and thought-provoking event exploring the underlying problems in how innovators in the oil and gas industry get rewarded for their ideas.

The current model for technology innovation IP is rife with risks and barriers for innovators and producers alike, which slows the process and can even drive innovators out of the country for more favourable approaches and conditions. 

The discussion surfaced additional factors involved in creating alternate approaches such as:

  • The underlying motivations driving behaviours to protect or leverage IP
  • Operator/producer gated IP development processes
  • And more!

Watch the event recording below and access the event summary in the 
members' Resource section for all the details. 

Thank you to our very engaged audience for sharing their experiences, insightful comments and probing questions, and special thanks to moderator Richard Venerus, Venerus Advisory Partners; and panelists Ian Buchanan, Exergy Solutions; Marty Reed, EVOK Innovations, and John Goetz EnerNEXT Partners.

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