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Dec 01, 2021

Enabling Multilateral Wells: A Reducing Barriers Event Series

On November 17, 2021, CRIN and Dr. Roman Shor of the University of Calgary hosted a webinar for industry, regulators and academics to examine the latest technologies and gaps in multilateral wells.

Key benefits of multilaterals discussed include reductions in the number of wells that need to be drilled, the number of days spent drilling, and the amount of casing and cement-related materials that need to be used. These benefits have direct impacts on emissions and reduce the above surface footprint, thereby minimizing ecological disruption.

Alongside the benefits, participants also discussed the barriers to multilateral wells, particularly around cost. Gaps in knowledge of best practices for production and reservoir management were also highlighted.

At the second webinar in this series was held January 12, 2022 where Dr. Shor presented a draft research paper that includes input gathered during the first webinar. Attendees were again invited to provide their feedback.

The third and final webinar was help January 26, 2022 where Dr. Shor presented his final paper.

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