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May 14, 2021

CRIN'S Participation in GLOBE Capital 2021

As a GLOBE Capital 2021 partner, CRIN hosted the ‘Workshop for Growth: Mobilizing Clean Solutions to Maximize Returns’ event at Globe Capital in April. Moderated by CRIN Board Chair Ginny Flood, and featuring CRIN panelists Catherine Berube of Cycle Capital Management and Ecofuel and Susan Rohac of BDC, the workshop highlighted investment opportunities in cleantech and the resources available to help investors and buyers navigate the landscape.

As part of the sponsorship opportunity, GLOBE provided CRIN with 20 complimentary virtual passes to attend all GLOBE Capital events including CRIN’s workshop and participate in the curated matchmaking program. CRIN hosted a contest on LinkedIn for CRIN members to win a pass to the conference. The successful CRIN members represented diverse sectors, including regulatory bodies, oil and gas producers, venture capital investors and ICT specialists. Here are some of their experiences from GLOBE: 

“Having the opportunity to participate at GLOBE Capital further increased our network in clean tech, and we were able to have a better understanding of clean tech investments.” 

“I have heard about GLOBE in the past, but have never had the chance to attend, so it was great to be able to participate as our company is trying to grow our investment portfolio in the Canadian clean energy ecosystem.” 

“Many of the networking opportunities resulted in continuing the conversation offline due to lack of time allocated for such rich discussions. We have definitely expanded out networking because of GLOBE.”

CRIN believes in the power of networking with diverse representation across sectors to encourage the acceleration of clean technology development. CRIN’s members believe we can be more efficient and advance our goals much faster if we are working more closely together. GLOBE Capital 2021 provided the opportunity for our CRIN members to engage with likeminded individuals, make strategic connections while taking the steps to shape our clean energy future.

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