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Sep 02, 2021

CRIN Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) serves as a forum for strategic discussions rather than a decision-making body, the SC focuses on information and positions, and on providing recommendations to the Board for consideration.  

Membership in the Steering Committee reflects its strategic and operational functions and scope.  SC scope includes but is not limited to ensuring adherence to the network’s principles, providing a single point of contact into the clean resource innovation sector for governments, measuring and evaluating CRIN performance, and providing general CRIN coordination as required.  SC membership represents the major constituencies of the network (as of July 2021 there are 19 sectors represented at SC), including producers, adjacent and partners industries, innovators, research and academia, government, innovation funding agencies, economic development agencies, industry associations, youth representation, and financial institutions.  

Sectors within the CRIN Ecosystem

As we strive towards meeting our mandate to create connections and collaborations between the many nodes of the oil and gas innovation ecosystem, CRIN requires input from the many stakeholders that lead our industry towards energy solutions. By assembling those with an understanding of how the innovation ecosystem works at a foundational level, and how it’s many pieces fit together as whole, CRIN brings us one step closer to enabling more efficient development, commercialization, and widespread adoption of the novel and innovative technologies that the world needs.

Movement towards our vision is made possible by the diverse sectors that make up our network and its leadership. When our sectors and their respective representatives come together, CRIN is able to make the necessary connections between the innovators (researchers, investors, SMEs, government bodies, NGOs, etc.) and resources (funding, talent, labs, facilities, and so on) that accelerate solutions for industry priorities including environmental performance and cost competitiveness.

* denotes sector leaders

CRIN Board Chair

Ginny Flood


CRIN Steering Committee Chair

Ian Jobe

Clean Resource Innovation Network

CRIN Steering Committee Vice-Chair (non-producer)

Jason Switzer

Foresight CAC

CRIN Steering Committee Vice-Chair (producer)

Bradley Wamboldt

Suncor Energy

Economic Development - Federal 

*Andrew Noseworthy

Government of Canada - Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

*Joanne Pawluk

Government of Canada - Western Economic Diversification Canada

Elliot Hewitt

Government of Canada - Western Economic Diversification Canada

Derek Armstrong

Government of Canada - Western Economic Diversification Canada

Cecile Siewe

Government of Canada - Environment and Climate Change Canada

Economic Development - Provincial

Mike Crabtree

Government of Saskatchewan - Saskatchewan Research Council

Economic Development - Municipal

Patrick Mattern

Calgary Economic Development

*Chris Brown

Calgary Economic Development

End Users

David Schick

Canadian Fuels Association

*Tonja Leach

Quest Canada

Engineering and Supply Chain

*Diana McQueen

Hatch Ltd

Jose Fuentes

Hatch Ltd

Entrepreneurs / Accelerators

*Jason Switzer

Foresight CAC

Steve Saddleback

Indian Resource Council of Canada

Erik Allan

Tundra Process Solutions Ltd.

Industry Associations

Mark Scholz

Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors

Terry Abel

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Elizabeth Aquin

Petroleum Services Association of Canada


Susan Rohac


*Cheri Corbett


Emily Kneteman

Invest in Canada

Marty Reed

Evok Innovations


*Rick Tofani

CEPA Foundation

Post secondary

*Anne Naeth

University of Alberta

*Robert Skinner

University of Calgary


Stephanie Nielson

ARC Resources Ltd

Jennifer Paterson

Canadian Natural Resources Limited

Joy Romero

Canadian Natural Resources Limited

Rhona DelFrari

Cenovus Energy

Anamika Mukherjee

Cenovus Energy

James Dunn

Imperial Oil Resources Limited

*Glen McCrimmon


Donna Phillips


Bradley Wamboldt

Suncor Energy Inc.

Tanis Shortt

Suncor Energy Inc.


*Jason Brunet

Alberta Energy Regulator

Rob Borth

Alberta Energy Regulator

Research Councils

*Dave Finn

Petroleum Research Newfoundland and Labrador

Research Technology and Development - Industry Consortia

Peter Beaudoin

Canada's Oil Sands Innovation Alliance

Wes Jickling

Canada's Oil Sands Innovation Alliance

*Soheil Asgarpour

Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada

Research Technology Organizations - Federal Government

James McKinnell

Government of Canada - National Research Council Canada

Research Technology Organizations - Natural Resources

*Drew Leyburne

Government of Canada - Natural Resources Canada

Saviz Mortazavi

Government of Canada - Natural Resources Canada

Jinwen Chen

Government of Canada - Natural Resources Canada

Yanne Messi

Government of Canada - Natural Resources Canada

Research Technology Organizations - Provincial Government

John Zhou

Government of Alberta - Alberta Innovates

*John Van Ham

Government of Alberta - InnoTech Alberta

Social Innovation

*Erin Romanchuk

The Natural Step / Energy Futures Lab

Keren Perla

The Natural Step / Energy Futures Lab


*Meredith Adler

Student Energy

Helen Watts

Student Energy

Young Professionals

*Kevin Krausert

Avatar Innovations

Emmanuelle Plante

Suncor Energy

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