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Galatea Technologies is a Calgary based software company. Our application, Waste Coordinator, was built to help oil and gas producers lower OPEX, add new revenue and track ESG data associated with oilfield fluid hauling and waste disposal workflows.

Waste Coordinator provides a tool that assists field operators in finding the optimal disposal location on every load, predicting future load schedules and digitizing all of the manual paper-based documents associated.

Engaging with CRIN members

At Galatea we see a future in which end to end waste management workflows are fully automated and optimized allowing producers to focus on finding and developing world leading energy assets.

The CRIN network provides an opportunity for Galatea to collaborate with technology developers and end users to assess and identify opportunities to solve problems facing the cleantech ecosystem. We look to leverage CRIN by sharing our knowledge and subject matter expertise to deepen the conversation regarding sustainability and digital solutions.

“We believe it is our obligation as contributors to the Canadian oil and gas ecosystem to provide best in class technology solutions. Our membership in CRIN provides an opportunity to have a holistic discussion about the problems facing our industry and the ability to contribute to the cleantech ecosystem," says Chad Hayden, Founder.

CRIN Social Contract in action

Through embracing the principles outlined in CRIN’s Social Contract, Galatea Technologies looks to collectively build a resilient innovation ecosystem focused on enhancing the cleantech objectives. By developing strong collaboration with industry, technology and regulatory partners we can build a community guided by CRIN’s core values.

Connect with Galatea Technologies

Website: www.galateatech.com

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/galateatech/

We are looking to share our platform and have conversations with CRIN members who see the challenges in oilfield waste disposal and logistics. We’re also interested in connecting with technology providers who are focused on providing waste reuse, recycling and mitigation technologies.

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