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Mar 01, 2022

An Overview of Canada’s Climate Policies

Event #1: Net-Zero by 2050: An Overview of Canada's Climate Policies

Join us for a guided tour through the complex landscape governing Canada’s oil and gas industry.

As we continue exploring pathways to reduce emissions while striving to achieve net-zero by 2050, collaboration, investment and innovation will be critical to help meet Canada’s climate goals and energy needs. With an abundance of untapped potential, Canada’s oil and gas sector is in a powerful position to play a leading role on our way to a low-carbon future, and there are a number of ways that policy can help pave the way while supporting our shared emissions reductions goals.

Are we going in the right direction? Are we doing enough to influence policy? What can you do to help shape policy to position Canada’s resources for global leadership and commercial success?

Brought to you by the Canadian Resource Innovation Network (CRIN) in collaboration with the Canadian Fuels Association (CFA), this webinar series explores opportunities for the oil and gas industry to take an aligned and proactive approach to help shape effective policy.

Presenter: Dave Schick, CFA

Event #2: Canadian Climate Policies - An Update on Implications for Canada's Energy Sector

The oil and gas industry has helped meet the evolving energy needs of Canadians for more than a century. As the industry prepares for a changing energy mix, there is tremendous opportunity for effective policy and a stable regulatory environment to drive investment and growth by increasing incentives for the development and adoption of clean technologies and processes. But first, regulatory clarity and an understanding of the practical implications of key policies before they are implemented are critical for setting the stage for a successful transition to a low-carbon future.

CRIN and the Canadian Fuels Association (CFA) invite you to join us for the second installment of our three-part webinar series on Canadian climate policy. 

The panel will discuss the recently released Emissions Reduction Plan which will define the milestones and pathways the country will take to meet interim targets towards Net Zero in 2050. The panel will also explore the spectrum of policies impacting Canada’s energy sector, the need for coordination, and how to leverage federal and provincial policies and programs to maximize emissions reductions and unlock the potential of low-carbon fuels.


Event #3: Check back soon!

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