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Spotlight on Hydrogen
Apr 19, 2022

Hydrogen is big news. Check out our Spotlight on Hydrogen where you can learn how government, industry and CRIN view Canada's hydrogen future.

The Net Zero Project: CRIN Member Profile
Mar 18, 2022

The pursuit of emissions reductions within the offshore oil and gas industry

Emerging Electrochemical Technologies for Water Treatment - Event Summary
Mar 17, 2022

Organizations who have issues with water treatment learned from and talked with experts about emerging electrochemical water treatment technologies.

An Overview of Canada’s Climate Policies
Mar 01, 2022

Brought to you by the Canadian Resource Innovation Network (CRIN) in collaboration with the Canadian Fuels Association (CFA), this webinar series explores opportunities for the oil and gas industry to take an aligned and proactive approach to help shape effective policy.

Accelerating Innovation in Oil & Gas program by CCTA and CRIN
Jan 31, 2022

View event summaries and videos from the kickoff events for the Canada Cleantech Alliance (CCTA) “Accelerating Innovation in Oil & Gas” program for startups.

Accelerating Cleantech Innovation in Oil & Gas
Jan 18, 2022

Canada Cleantech Alliance’s “Accelerating Cleantech Innovation in Oil & Gas” program, a collaboration with the Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN), is designed to de-risk investments in clean technology for oil & gas companies. It will mobilize and support cleantech innovators to deliver and successfully commercialize innovations that can reduce the oil & gas sector’s emissions and footprint from source to end use.

Member Profile: The Petroleum Technology Research Centre
Jan 11, 2022

The Petroleum Technology Research Centre seeks to be an incubator, accelerator and developer of research and innovation to reduce the carbon footprint and increase the production of subsurface energy.

Enabling Multilateral Wells: A Reducing Barriers Event Series
Dec 01, 2021

On November 17, 2021, CRIN and Dr. Roman Shor of the University of Calgary hosted a webinar for industry, regulators and academics to examine the latest technologies and gaps in multilateral wells. Benefits and barriers to wide-spread adoption of multilaterals were also discussed. On January 12, 2022, a follow up event was held to discuss the draft paper Dr. Shor wrote using feedback from the first session. In the final session, Dr. Shor presented his final paper.

CRIN / carbonNEXT Carbon and Hydrogen Innovation Showcase: A Reducing Barriers Event
Dec 01, 2021

As Canada’s oil and gas industry mobilizes to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, carbon capture and conversion (CCC) technologies have been globally recognized as key innovations to enable the sustainable development of Canada’s hydrocarbon resources.

Meet competition fairness monitor Nadean Langlois
Nov 23, 2021

Ensuring transparency and fairness in CRIN's tech competitions: meet Nadean Langlois, fairness monitor

What are CRIN member organizations up to? Fall 2021
Oct 27, 2021

Video introduction to the work of a variety of CRIN member organizations

Member Profile: ORIGIN
Oct 19, 2021

Bring Indigenous relations and workforce development strategies to life with 360 VR and the specialists at ORIGIN.