Jan 21, 2021

NRCan and CRIN work together to benefit cleantech development across Canada's oil and gas sector

Source: CRIN

Over 60 technology and research leaders from Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and the Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN) participated in a virtual event in early December to strengthen understanding of how the two organizations can work together for the benefit of clean technology development across Canada’s oil and gas sector.

NRCan is a member of CRIN and its participation is led by senior representatives from several clean technology development sectors. 

So, while many connections existed prior to the event, new insights and relationships were made, strengthening the innovation network across science, technology and leadership interests.

“Ongoing events between NRCan and CRIN are important to ensure we continue to enhance working together effectively and synergistically in the development of innovation pathways that are both economically competitive and in alignment with the government’s policies and programs for a low carbon economy,” said Cécile Siewe, Director General, CanmetENERGY Devon, Natural Resources Canada.

NRCan shared the research and development focus areas of five Canmet labs from across Canada; analytical and operational capabilities; and infrastructure that can be leveraged to help drive CRIN projects and strong relationships across the ecosystem.

CRIN shared the focus areas of its seven technology theme areas and work to date that addresses industry challenges and significant reduction of environmental footprint.

Combined, our two organizations support the innovation spectrum from ideation to commercialization and widespread adoption. Continuing to integrate technologies and data will improve identification of support for industry and innovators, unearth new pathways for innovation, and build capacity for the ecosystem.

Additional events to further this work are planned for 2021.

NRCan Participating Facilities

  • Office of Energy Research Development (OERD)
  • CanmetENERGY Devon, AB
  • CanmetENERGY Ottawa, ON
  • CanmetENERGY Varennes, QC
  • CanmetMATERIALS Hamilton, ON
  • CanmetMINING Ottawa, ON

CRIN Participating Technology Theme Areas 

  • Clean Fuels – Reducing Carbon Intensity
  • Digital Oil and Gas Technology
  • Low Emissions Value Added Products
  • Methane Monitoring, Quantification and Abatement
  • Novel Hydrocarbon Extraction
  • Novel Land and Wellsite Remediation
  • Water Technology Development

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