The Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN) emerged in 2017 and has grown into a rich collective of people and companies across the country aligned to a common objective—reducing our carbon footprint.

As an umbrella organization, CRIN now boasts approximately 1749 members, working within various theme areas to develop the research, technologies, products, and innovations to produce the world’s best and cleanest hydrocarbon products.

In this episode, we’re diving into the work CRIN has been undertaking over the past couple of years to advance this vision and amplify the work being done by other organizations to create products the world needs using Alberta’s rich natural and human resources while driving down emissions and supporting Canada’s climate goals.

Note that this episode mentions the Clean Fuel Standard. Since the recording of this episode, the Business Council of Alberta has completed several pieces of work and advocacy around this forthcoming legislation. You can learn more about the work we’ve done to date in the Resources Mentioned section below.

In This Episode:

  • The vision, genesis, and work of CRIN
  • Examples of projects, opportunities, and products developed under the CRIN model
  • How CRIN is working towards exceeding Paris climate targets while pursuing energy security globally
  • Impact of the Clean Fuel Standard on Alberta and role of CRIN in adoption
  • Examples of innovations and products developed and deployed through the CRIN network and future opportunities to seize

Listen by clicking the title, or clicking here.

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