Jun 01, 2022

CRIN is hiring!

Source: CRIN

Communications Manager: The Manager of Communications is a key member of the CRIN Operations team working directly with the Director of Operations and the Chair of the Membership Engagement and Outreach Sub-Committee (MEOSC) while collaborating with several additional committees and functions across the organization and the Network. This position supervises the communications and events team members, and is responsible for all communications, marketing, membership engagement, events and stakeholder outreach activities including vendor management.

Technology Enablement Facilitator: This position’s major responsibilities include the facilitation, organization, and coordination of the seven clean oil and gas energy innovation theme teams, their team meetings, and initiatives around the theme focus areas including reducing environmental footprints (water, land, methane emissions, novel hydrocarbon extraction), low emissions value-added products, cleaner fuels and digital oil and gas.

Technology Enablement Community Builder: This position’s major responsibility is building resilient and sustained pan-Canadian communities of technology enablement for CRIN’s seven (7) clean oil and gas energy innovation and technology deployment theme focus areas. This includes the coordination and management of a portfolio of technology-based projects and initiatives and innovation ecosystem development work. The oil and gas energy theme areas include reducing environmental footprints (water, land, air emissions management, novel hydrocarbon extraction), low emissions value-added products, cleaner fuels, and the digital transformation of oil and gas.

Finance Reporting Analyst: This position supports the development and analysis of monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements and reports as well as assisting with yearend audit.

All opportunities are open until filled. 

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