Sep 16, 2019

CRIN: Here’s How a ‘Network of Networks’ is Helping Support Asset Retirement


In recent years, environmental management of legacy oil and gas assets has become a major focus for industry and government stakeholders. Alberta has an extensive inventory of wellsites and facilities at or nearing the end of their productive lives, meaning efficiently removing that infrastructure and reclaiming the land is important.

Fortunately, through collaboration and streamlining innovation, companies can perform highly-technical reclamation and remediation work that involves numerous specialists and contractors.

The Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN) is a network of networks. Established in 2017, CRIN’s members include energy producers and service providers, innovators, government entities, nonprofits and academic institutions focused on seven technology theme areas. The ‘Novel Land and Wellsite Reclamation’ technology theme area focuses on identifying and promoting technology and process development that supports asset retirement.

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