Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Machine Learning promise to transform industries and sectors, from agriculture and the built environment through petroleum and zoology. But how? And what is the clean tech opportunity specifically? To help you sort through the noise, and to connect you to an opportunity to deploy AI to support your needs, the Alberta Clean Technology Industry Alliance, the Clean Resource Innovation Network and the Advanced Data Alliance invite you to take part in an AI for Clean Tech conference call in Calgary on Tuesday June 26th from 8am to 930am.

8:00 am      AI for Cleantech 101 – what is AI and Machine Learning, how can it be used to solve energy and environmental challenges

8:30 am   About ADA and how to engage, call for project proposals

9:00 am      Q&A, discussion of potential use cases

The Advanced Data Alliance (ADA) is a National Centre of Excellence application, and seeks to support projects that utilize data analytics in real world issues surrounding Clean Technology. They are currently seeking projects that revolve around creating data analytics and AI solutions to novel problems in the sector, with the prospect of delivering new IP that can be commercialized. Examples of projects include creating geologic/environmental models for exploration, grid management of complex systems, and AI for identifying and tracking ecosystem health trends.   

The support that ADA can provide include significant cash and in-kind contributions, including assistance from experts in exploring and defining themes; software tools, data and hardware for research and execution of the project; resources to help commercialize IP; and training through Knowledge Cafes and Hackathons.

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